April 17th, 2020

Yesterday Arielle found out that her ex girlfriend Ari, committed suicide. We are all in shock. She was a bright lovely girl. Without our lives to distract us, we have nothing to do but wonder why.

Today on a positive note, Emily’s school did a parade for the students today. We decorated our car with kites and streamers and drove around the school bus route. Kids stood outside their houses with colorful signs to greet the parade. It was a good diversion from the everyday humdrum in the area of corona… Robyn Lewis is blowing up my phone with texts asking me to call her. I can smell the desperation. She sends me messages through Facebook, Messenger and text. I must block her. I’m good for one text a week. Peter has the virus. He has no symptoms but part of me thinks it would be a blessing if he died. Cousin Jill has it too but she is self-quarantining at home alone. My mom said Jill had a fever but was otherwise ok. Seems like everyone I know that I hate got the virus. Wonder if it’s a coincidence…

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