April 3rd, 2020

Over 6000 people are dead in the US. Grim news to wake up to. Today I am going out with Rachel into the big bad world. We are going to deliver food to the Rise kids families. I am nervous to go out but this at least gives me a sense of purpose. I am going to try to stop by Raul’s and leave him and his dad a bag of homemade cookies in the mailbox…

The federal government is recommending we all where masks. I ordered some and they came yesterday. No instructions. Don’t even know if I can reuse them but we will anyway. What choice do we have? Healthcare workers are demanding personal protective equipment and they are dying due to exposure from the virus.

The price of gas is under two dollars a gallon but the irony, there’s no place to go. 

The virus, they say, that we are spreading by talking or even breathing. We topped 1 million cases worldwide.

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