For All Mothers

It’s unfortunate that in the world we live in Mother’s day is sometimes taken like a joke

However, most of the joking is done by ignorant little boys who expect gifts and money for themselves and don’t get them because they don’t realize the amazing effort put into being a mother that they will never know.

It’s extremely likely that I will never be a mother; at least I hope that won’t happen.

This means I won’t ever understand the unbelievable mothers in this world, because I won’t be one.

A mother symbolizes hope and desire.

She shows desire by standing by her children and never telling them they can’t accomplish something.

A mother needs to have confidence in themselves to be someone who has to look after a child for life.

The truth is that you oddly need a license to own a dog but you don’t need anything but a brain and a heart to be a mother.

A mother is the one who looks after this nation’s future

One day the children will be scientists, presidents, astronauts, and yes we all unfortunately need gas station attendants.

Mothers are the ones who care for miserable newborn babies who can’t say a word and all they do is sleep, eat and cry.

Mothers are also the ones who care for the miserable teenagers who have no friends and get picked on.

Mothers are the ones who look after this nation’s future

And that is something all mothers should take pride in

We should all think about what our mothers do for us before we

argue with them or scream and shout

Thank You

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