January 5th, 2021

The grip of the cold dark season is here. A more virulent strain of the virus has landed in the country and is now in New York. The news says it is 70x more powerful (people can catch it easier) I’m trying to stay out of stores and all but stopped even socially distancing from  people.

Jake did come over with his girl friend last Saturday but we sat apart 6 feet and they wore masks. The vaccines are out but no word of how or where we can get them. We are all weary of wearing the masks but what choice do we have? Over 350,000 are dead just in the United States. We are a world leader in Coronavirus deaths. The news says the worst is yet to come.

People who traveled during the Christmas break will start coming down with it soon. California is the worst. No ICU beds.

I’ve been going to work which is a pretty good escape from boredom. I’m trying to plan a covid free vacation for the summer. Assuming it was like last summer, I want to be able to walk to the beach because last summer you couldn’t get in if you were from out of town.

Trump appears to be having trouble losing the election. He was caught on a phone call trying to get the Secretary of State from Georgia to change the vote tallies from the November 3rd election. Shame really. The whole thing is embarrassing. Desperation is never pretty. Republicans are saying they are planning on protesting the results. Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!

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