May 14th, 2020

Went for a walk with Dale today. We both wore masks but by the end of the walk I needed to take my mask off. It’s claustrophobic. People aren’t meant to exercise with a mask on. Dale made some homemade masks and gave one to me and Emily. I feel unreal at times. The whole world is on pause. Almost 85,000 deaths in the US… Nursing homes are the worst. They call them hot zones. Major League Baseball has rearranged itself to have regional leagues and no fans in stadiums.

The president is being accused of lying about the amount of deaths. You don’t know what to believe anymore. The White House is predicting 160,000 deaths by August. Meanwhile we stay at home as much as we can. Oliver comes and stays a few days a week but school is over and he has nothing to do. I’m to keep myself busy painting anything I can find.

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