May 20th, 2020

It’s almost 2am and I’m wide awake. I should be, after all, I’ve been high for hours and now I’m wide awake. The state is starting phase one of reopening. Still no hair cuts and the gym is closed till June 20th. It’s still cool out so summer hasn’t come early. I have three or four weeks left of work and I’m so burnt out from doing everything via text or Zoom. It’s also feeling like people are so eager to get out of these restrictions that I fear they will get sloppy about their personal distancing.

The virus is spreading rapidly through prisons and continues to ravage nursing homes. Every single resident at Beacon Brook has the virus. 

Trump just announced he’s taking hydroxychloraquin which the FDA and CDC have said is dangerous to take outside a hospital setting and of course has no efficacy.

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