May 27th, 2020

I’m losing track of time. I thought it was Friday for a whole day only to realize that night that it was Thursday. Everyone on the news said we would have 100,000 dead by Memorial Day but it took two days longer. Today we hit the 100,000 mark. I feel like a slug. If not for my walks with Dale I’d have no physical activity. I miss the bike at the gym. They will open soon enough.

Trump went golfing over Memorial Day weekend.  He is looking less mentally fit by the minute. He got sanctioned by Twitter yesterday and today he threatened to close down all social media. He is also saying Joe Scarborough murdered a staffer many years ago. Just insane.

Running out of things to watch on Netflix… we’re down to teen mom and 90 day fiancé. Junk food for the mind.

In the absence on any distraction, I’ve noticed that Emily isn’t bathing enough or changing her clothes. I’m so apathetic that I don’t care.

We are talking about getting a hot tub. I’m doing the research but kind of ambivalent. The virus is erupting significantly in the south and southwest. It’s hard to understand why the government is encouraging the country to open up when the virus is so out of control.

Curbside delivery is the new craze. No human contact!

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