May 31st, 2020

Met Katie for breakfast before she moves to Washington, DC. We ate in the parking lot at the Colony Diner. We sat in the handicapped space. Still it felt good to eat out.

No covid update. There is no news about it at all. Instead the news is covering the protesters all over the country that have turned violent.  Washington, DC, Chicago, Minneapolis, New York. Connecticut is quiet.

So we encountered our first covid-19 tag sale. Of course you are risking your life to take anything but well worth it haha. Today it looks like the country has lost its mind. There are protests in honor of Black Lives Matter and looting and violence seem not far behind. It seems that nighttime is the right time for burning down buildings and burning up cars. The people involved with the violence are not the same people who protest during the day. A whole new group of violent protesters come out at night. The president is tweeting his comments to the country. He is a racist pig so he isn’t bringing any peace to our country.

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