October 27th, 2020

226,000 people died from covid. The election is a week away and it cant be soon enough. The president has all but given up on trying to control the pandemic. He is still saying we are around the curve and a vaccine is coming. No one I know believes it. They just nominated a third bigotted, racist, anti-abortion judge to the supreme court. A week after the election, they will be voting on the legality of Obamacare… Very disturbing. If we thought it was impossible to destroy the shining beacon on the hill in 4 short years, we were wrong. Congress is deadlocked on a stimulus package and people are desperate to pay their rents, mortgages and food etc…

The kids are all doing well but Noah will not be coming home anytime soon. Who would’ve thought that we would ever be unable to travel out of state, Texas is red hot with covid and of course there is the risk of flying. I’m so missing him but he calls a couple of times a week and we video chat.

Emily’s school closed yesterday because a parent got covid. She is out for 14 days and is not happy about working from home again. I think this will keep happening until they get control of the virus.

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