What is one of your favorite drinks?

No one needs to read this to know my favorite drink. It’s Tab! It’s a sugar free soda from the 1960s. It was still on the market till January 1, 2020.

When I heard they were taking it off the market I got crazy. We tried every store but no one had it. I even posted on Facebook that if anyone, Anywhere, found it, I would pay shipping plus a tip for finding it for me.

Imagine my surprise when one day, weeks later, I get a message from my old babysitter, who watched my kids when they were young. She is now married with children of her own. She said she definitely saw saw Tab at Stop and Shop.

At the time I was out to lunch with a friend. I rushed her through the lunch and went directly to Stop and Shop.

Sure enough, there it was right there sandwiched between the Fresca and the diet root beer was twelve bright beautiful pink boxes of my favorite beverage. Before any one could get to them, I put all 12 cases in my basket. I could barely think straight. I came home to show Emily and being who she is, suggested we check the Shoprite in Hamden. She was right and sure enough they had Tab too.

Then we started calling every grocery store within 15 miles of her house.

Jacob heard of my plight and he had Instacart deliver about 20
cases to his house.

In the end, we had 104 cases of Tab. That’s 1,248 cans. If I had one can a day I would have approximately 3 years worth of Tab.

Then, some asshole, actually a friend of mine, said to check the expiration date.
They all had the same expiration date.

Undeterred, I looked up expiration dates for soda online. All it said was some of the carbonation or flavor may diminish over time. That was fine with me.

As if this writing, in 2022, I have 4 cases left.

I consider it, next to Emily, my greatest asset.

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