April 13th, 2020

Today it is raining. April showers I suppose. I prefer the rain to the sun. It gives me an excuse to stay in my pajamas all day. I guess I don’t need an excuse. I never go anywhere anymore.

I am not working this week as it is Easter vacation. I’m a little relieved but I have so little work to do that I will probably spend this week coming up with a project for the kids for the future.

I’m painting on canvas. Nothing has taught me how bad an artist I am like painting on canvas. Lesson learned. Stick to simple crafts!

All the people on MSNBC are reporting remotely from their homes. 3000 more Americans have died this weekend bringing the total number of Americans who died to 22000. People are afraid to go out. Meanwhile tornados are killing people in the southeast. 16 people dead. No funerals because of virus… People have lost their homes and have to go to shelters but no way to protect themselves.

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