April 20th, 2020

Marijuana Day. No celebration planned. Everyone will have to get high on their own. Over 40,000 people dead in this country from the virus. Over 100,000 worldwide. Today I am bringing Oliver to the surgeon for another post-op visit. I would normally hate to go but now it’s my only diversion for the week. We go to Glastonbury. I sit in the car waiting for a text that says he can go in alone, alone. He comes out 5 minutes later and that’s it. Not much to look forward to and yet it’s better than being home. Bernie dropped out of the race a few weeks ago so I guess we are going to have Joe Biden as our candidate. I am underwhelmed.

With the economy slipping into the abyss, he is our only hope against Trump. He is a pig. He is a hateful self serving man. I deserve better for my president. What a fucking mess. 

Last night Jacob called to tell Emily that he and Mirilla are getting a divorce. We are both very upset. She was never much of a wife for him or a daughter in law for Emily and now she will be gone. I’m hoping she proceeds fairly with Jacob. He doesn’t deserve a bad divorce. He already had a bad marriage. That’s enough.

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