April 28th, 2020

The days are passing quickly lately. I haven’t written anything in days. Over 3 million people have been diagnosed with covid world wide. Over 50,000 Americans have died from it. Going to the store is very stressful. My glasses fog up from the mask i have to wear. The aisles are really too crowded to shop safely. Stop and Shop has arrows on the floor to control the flow of traffic. It only makes it harder to get around the store. Went to Shoprite yesterday and scored both toilet paper and paper towels. I didn’t care the cost. I’m stocking up for the next wave which they say will come in the fall. I feel slightly depressed that the summer is coming and we have no real plans. I guess this is the new normal. I cant imagine going to the beach in Rhode Island. Everyone crowded all together.

Many women are complaining that they need to dye their hair or get a haircut. All those places are still closed…

I’m trying to grow my hair out so I don’t care as much but no one looks great. Some states are starting to open up but the news portrays the governors of those states as reckless.

The meat packing plants are opening up after hundreds of workers were tested positive.

The president suggested there might be away for people to ingest bleach or inject light into themselves for a cure. I cant tell if he has lost face among many Americans or just the people who hated him anyway. I can’t wait to vote him out in November.

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