July 23rd, 2020

We are on vacation in Gloucester, MA. We planned this vacation in the winter and despite the virus things worked out. Unlike the ad however, it is a fairly significant walk to the beach. The return trip from the beach is all uphill. Not fun pushing our beach crap in uphill in the rickety cart we have. Tomorrow we may try to Uber.  Like at home, we have to wear a mask everywhere and a lot of places are closed for the virus. We are both happy just to get away but it’s feeling like it’s going to be a long week as it’s supposed to rain tomorrow and Thursday. I did get a lobster roll today which was delish. We haven’t heard of a decent restraint that serves outside. We will try tomorrow.

I took the job at the food pantry. I don’t start till August 24th but I’m not even sure if I’m going to be working 10 or 20 hours a week. The place is on emergency hours due to the virus. This summer is a bit of a bust but everyday I’m with Emily and I’m so happy just to be with her that nothing else seems so bad. She is such wonderful company and I’m endlessly entertained by her sense of humor and kindness. She is never unkind to me. I never felt so loved in my life. Lucky me!

So (my luck) the new job has a drug test . I quit smoking pot and I’m really feeling the loss. A good reason to stop smoking I suppose. Still I feel miserable knowing I can’t smoke. At least until I pass the test. Emily had the idea to ask to start the job after my mom’s surgery, that gives me enough time to clean out my system and pass the test. Then I can smoke my brains out haha! I also get to collect unemployment while I clean out my system. Emily is a genius. Her idea.

This is the only place in the country that is not crawling with covid. The president is doing nothing to help the country and the federal government is not interested in helping the states. Texas, Florida, and Arizona are hotspots and California may have to shut down the state again. Death toll 142,000 plus. Very scary. It’s like a purge.

Testing is still impossible in most of the country. Disneyworld is open but no mask mandate.

It rained today but we managed to go to Rockport for a few hours and walk around. Emily bought me not one but two bags for my works. Nicest ones I ever had. I’m ready to be in my own bed but we still have three days here. Thinking of taking Emily to Boston tomorrow if the weather isn’t nice. They have some tours with social distancing. Not so fun but better than waiting for the sun to come out.

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