July 24th, 2020

They cancelled the Republican convention! I guess Trump was finally told by someone??? That it’s too crazy to gather any group of people together much less in Florida where more and more people are getting the virus. California passed New York today in most covid-19 cases. They are on the verge of shutting down the state again. I can’t believe we managed to squeak out a vacation during this epidemic. There isn’t much to do here but we managed to walk to the beach and the water was so warm. After a few hours it began to rain so we made our way home.

Trump is sending some kind of military troops, no insignias, no identification on their uniforms to arrest people who protest. They are using tear gas and they gassed a mayor of a small City yesterday. Trump is deploying federal agents to Philadelphia. No obvious reason. I watch the news all day and although Trump characterizes the peaceful protesters as hoodlums, they are not committing any crime.

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