July 31st, 2020

We were going to go tubing with my friend today but she cancelled. It looks like it was closed because of covid but I made a plan to have lunch with Ian instead. I got my first haircut since today. I had to make an appointment and when I got there they had to fill out a questionnaire about being out of state and I lied and said I hadn’t left the state in 14 days. I guess if there was an outbreak they could trace it but I’m willing to take the chance. I was only in Massachusetts. 

Getting ready for my mom’s surgery which is August 10th. I’m anxious about being away from Emily but she might come down if my mom doesn’t flip out. I’m sure things will work out but if my mom isn’t doing well I might have to stay longer. She says she doesn’t want Robert to come down but it would have been a nice support for me. She’s so angry at him. It makes me sad. She is missing out on time she could be spending with him and the kids.

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