July 26th, 2020

Going home from vacation today. It was a long week. The bed was lumpy and the walk to the beach was too far uphill. Not fun. Emily and I made our own fun though. Wearing the masks is a pain in the ass so we stayed outside as much as possible. I painted some rocks and distributed them in town. Some were found and posted on my Hamden rocks page. 

The virus is soaring out of control in the south and out in California. Over 144,000 death in the US and over 4 million total cases in the US. We are all suffering from covid fatique., but we have no choice but to comply and hope we don’t get it. Emily and I are going back to work on August 24th. I haven’t smoked pot in 11 days. Need to pass a drug test on the first day. That sucks.

Regis Philbin died today at age 88. Very sad.

The doctors on TV are saying obesity is a high risk factor. Between that the diabetes and asthma, I’m a goner if I get this virus. I hope next summer this is behind us.

Peaceful protests are turning violent in Portland, Oregon. Trump’s militia are gassing the protesters. Don’t know what to think.

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