March 27th, 2020

Week three. Bored! I am so bored. When they closed the school, I didn’t even bother to take my things home. Who knew this would last days, weeks, months even. Naive though I am, I could never have imagined that like myself, most of the country is home watching the news like a row of dominos is all falling down. People out of work are not getting paid so they can’t afford to pay their bills. Fortunately I can work at home but really. What can I do. I chat on the computer with my students, encouraging them to stay busy, stay safe…

Yesterday I went out with Rachel from work and we picked up food at the Salvation Army and distributed it to our students. It was a risk, one I would rather not take but I needed to get out and doing service made me feel better/also it was fun. Yes, fun. Not much of that going around these days.

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