March 31st, 2020

Almost 166,000 people have the virus in the US and they expect 100,000-200,000 will die from it. I hope it’s not me. The numbers keep climbing but not in the New Haven area. New York City is currently the worst. The governor is asking for volunteer health workers from around the country to come and help but it seems unlikely people will come. Flying is a huge risk and there are not enough masks, gloves and gowns to go around…

They are making temporary hospitals in central park and sending refrigerator trucks to hold the dead. They also are making the Javitz center into a 1000 bed hospital…

It’s weird but the government seems reluctant to shut down the country, something that worked in South Korea and China. I guess they don’t want to spread panic. I could easily succumb to panic myself.

Arielle continues to work in the pharmacy at Stop and Shop. She showers as soon as she comes home but it’s still unnerving.

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