What was your best boss like?

It’s so hard to say. I’ve have several really bad bosses and a handful of good bosses. I would say that that my best bosses were the ones that gave me the freedom to be as creative as I
wanted. I’d have to say that was Marion from Beacon Brook. She was very creative herself, another former rec therapist. That said she wasn’t without her faults. She came to conclusions without knowing all the facts. She yelled a lot but on the flip side, but would also help any employee. Unfortunately, the longer she was administrator, the more confident she became. Long after I was gone, I heard she was doing so nefarious things with company money. Soon after, she made some very public statements about her views on upper management and then she was fired. All this was a wonderful lesson in workplace politics.

Thus I suppose I learned the most from her.

Sadly, not one boss except Leonora from the senior center had a master’s degree. I always felt smarter than my bosses.

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