What were your friends like in high school?

I always preferred the socializing aspect of school.

For most of my time in high school, my best friends were Marylou Reilly and Gregg Suchow.

Gregg was shamelessly selfish which I thought was hysterical. She was loud and Jewish and her mom was so much fun.

When we are still in High school, Gregg’s mother had a boyfriend but didn’t feel comfortable having an unmarried man sleeping over, soooo, her mom would go food shopping and buy all our favorite snacks. She left us money to order takeout and we would sleep in her mom’s bed.

Gregg would go through her mother’s drawers and one time found a vibrator in the image of a nun. When her mom came back the next day, she started teasing her mom about it. I thought I would die but her mom got the joke and all day we laughed about it.

Marylou was a very different friend. She was quiet and largely on her own. Her mom was always with her boyfriend and we spent a lot of time getting high. I adored Marylou. We were partners in crime throughout high school.

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